Our Patrons help inform the public about our work with the military family and emergency services and help raise much-needed funds, which make a massive difference to our clients lives.

Paul Fisher

Paul Fisher is the Managing Director of Reliable Networks who provide IT managed services to charities and corporates across the UK which he set up in 2005.
He was a Royal Navy Clearance Diver and after 11 years he left the military after a road traffic accident and ended up in the IT industry in 1998. Paul has benefited from the services of Save Our Soldier and also still has his best friend alive due to the excellent work of the charity. He is driven by the work that the charity does and would like to engage any corporates to discuss how we would work with them to increase their productivity and also to highlight the work and services that the charity can provide.

Craig Williams

Craig is a multiple author, speaker, entrepreneurial coach and television consultant. Craig is an inspiring coach and presenter with a broad range of incredible past experiences and challenges to call upon. He received three commendations for bravery and leadership leading teams of elite snipers and soldiers in high-stress environments during operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, the Balkans and Central Africa. Highly efficient and strategic, Craig has a proven track record in SME growth and business leadership and is considered a market leader and industry transformer in the health, fitness and wellness arena.