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Treatment for PTSI (Post Traumatic Stress Injury)

Whether your military branch is or was land, sea or air based or you are from the emergency services. We address the issues resulting from trauma because, if left untreated, the ramifications affecting your life and felt by family, friends and society are unnecessarily overwhelming.

Our battle stress reduction process provides treatment enabling those suffering to resolve the issues associated with trauma, and to reintegrate more completely into family, work relationships and life back in everyday society once again. The number of coaching intervention sessions required varies from person to person, determined as progress is made in each session. These last up to two hours, and we also pass on techniques that can be practised separately. These are designed to give the combatant additional coping mechanisms whilst we continue to address “root causes”.

Sessions are held at Widcombe Surgery in Bath.

Our coaching interventions are FREE to veterans or those engaged in active duty, from any branch of service: land, sea or air, from any conflict past or present. Our interventions are also available to members of the emergency services. Call us in complete confidence so that we can answer any questions you may have, discuss how we can help and decide on the next steps


Soldiers Helpline: tel:01225430360