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Post Traumatic Stress Injury aka. PTSD

Recovery Starts Here

We are helping emergency services

PTSD Support

‘Save Our Soldier’ provide help and interventions to combatants in crisis, preventing irreparable wounding from the ‘silent bullet’ which is destroying lives and families. Long after the battle, when conflicts are no longer news headlines, thousands of combatants struggle daily with their injury, traumatic memories and adapting to civilian life.This crisis will remain unresolved until it is adequately addressed.

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Our methods have supported individuals and families in crises since 2011. We can help you and your loved ones. Coaching is FREE to veterans or those engaged in active duty, from any branch of service: land, sea or air and from any conflict past or present. Support is also available to members of the emergency services. Call us in complete confidence. We will answer your questions, discuss how we can help you decide on your next steps.

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Save Our Soldier delivers effective interventions, measuring and monitoring success by results and feedback from our clients and their families. We are an experienced team consisting of several motivational coaches and trainers, as well as Registered Psychiatric Nurses, a Consultant Psychiatrist, Counsellors, a Families’ Specialist and two fully qualified Mindfulness and Wellness Practitioners.

Veterans Work Films

A series of three films that encourage businesses to consider the value that the UK’s 900,000 working-age veterans can bring to their businesses.

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BRB THE BAND – Save a soldier

A huge thank you to BRB (the group) and co-producer Charles Bailey, for creating this song. 

It is dedicated to the partners who support their loved ones, suffering with mental health issues (PTSI) caused by experiences derived from their job. Their front-line job, is to keep us all safe. If we send them, we should mend them.

We are helping emergency services