The charity is sadly closing down

It is with a very heavy heart that we are today forced to announce the closure of this unique charity.

We are simply unable to continue to function, or plan ahead, due to the lack of significant funding required to do so.

As the founder of this charity, it has been the most meaningful thing I have ever been involved with in my life. Thank you, both donors and clients, for your trust.

It has been a huge honour for all the team to have been able to help the many hundreds we have from the Tri-Services and Emergency Services and their families. We consider it a huge privilege to have served you all.

A HUGE thank you, too, to all the amazing fundraisers who have done so much over the years to support our efforts to save, and have enabled us to change, lives – this, many will know, is exactly what our fantastic team of  coaches have been doing. You made that possible through your events, support and donations. If we had just 50 of you guys consistently doing the same things around the country, we’d be in a much stronger position.

However, as you now know, due to the lack of ongoing sustainable funding required to run this charity and the growing demand for help, we find ourselves financially unable to go forward – it just isn’t possible for us to continue to operate on a fraction of what is required, and to manage the inevitable growth and make plans going forward, as any business needs to.

Despite all the appeals and concerted efforts of the many involved to find, and establish, strong lines of funding through various both conventional and innovative means, no such consistent substantial and sustainable backbone of funding support has been forthcoming.

Our ability to create a self-funding model, or find sustainable ongoing funding, has been a struggle for us since inception, and we have barely scraped by most years. Despite this, we have delivered much needed help at no cost to our clients, regardless of consistently huge financial pressures. Rather than continuing to struggle on a shoestring budget, the trustees have finally taken this very difficult decision to close the charity down.


What to do if you need help?

If you need help with Post Traumatic Stress (PTSI) or otherwise emotional/‘mental health’ support, we can only suggest you contact the government programme:

There are a number of statutory organisations to approach. If you have already been to those organisations but are not benefiting from what is offered, then your choices for help become more restricted.

Successful alternative help/support is, of course, what the charity provided since 2012 for free. The coaches who provided that help also operate their own privately run coaching services, and their services can still be accessed, but it’s important to understand that their practices are necessarily run as businesses (working as individuals, they are unfortunately NOT able to offer the help for FREE, as the charity did).

You may independently have funds you can access, or you might conceivably be able to get funding through your old regiment or via a services charity like RBL or SSAFA, but do be aware this can take some time.

(Once you have funding, please contact us by sending an email to:

If you need help with housing and general welfare matters, please contact: or

– if you live in the North East

– Changing Step North East


For – Emergency Services Personnel: We can only suggest you check your options through your respective HR or union office.


What happens to the remaining assets

Trustees are responsible for distributing any remaining charity assets to a charity with like minded aim’s and goals, the trustees have chosen the charity –  Help A Squaddie.


Where will all the precious knowledge built over the years go?

There will be an ongoing opportunity to book speakers/workshop leaders (former CEO & coaches) from the charity to share our experiences and knowledge of delivering change from an organisational perspective and what it takes, working ‘content-free’, to effectively support and help someone with PTSI (/D).

(please register interest by emailing:


We will also be offering certified training from late summer onwards. We will, of course, advertise this at the time. Please register advance interest by emailing us at: